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R3SS Cloud Analytics

Manage and enhance your reputation with our powerful solution and increase your online presence by beating the competition.

Stay on top of everything that is happening!

With the R3SS Cloud Analytics solution you can follow and respond to your customers' opinions and what they like best, helping you to know what is being talked about your business on the Internet.
That's it!
Get the most complete customer analytics and competition tool in your hands at anytime and anywhere.

Complete Dashboard

Fully versatile, the R3SS Cloud Analytics
Makes available all the comments and photos shared on the web in a single platform, integrated with the main reservation and social media sites in the world.

Competition Analysis

Compare your competitors and get a view of your strengths and weaknesses according to your customers' scores.

  Satisfaction Surveys

Automatically conduct customer satisfaction surveys quickly and conveniently.

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time notifications about everything that happens in your online reputation.


Integrated with the most diverse reservation and social media sites in the world.


Charts for understanding the positives and negatives of your business.

Fast Processing

Dedicated server.
Low processing time.

Optional Modules

Comparative with the competition.
Integrated satisfaction survey.
And much more. 

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