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R3SS Cloud Beacon

The solution, which promises to revolutionize the market, allows faster interaction of possible clients with their interests, allowing communication between company and public through the location and without the need of internet access, generating a more assertive and segmented action.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is a new communication strategy whereby merchants send messages to potential customers that are in their vicinity about promotions, products and services for mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops), that is, in the vicinity of their stores.

Marketing Campaigns

Get a greater view of your customers by creating and distributing marketing campaigns to attract the potential audience with the most interest in your product.


Lets you communicate with specific targets in a specific location. This works not only for advertising purposes, but also for informational purposes, gaming and social applications.

Get Your Customers Closer

Benefit from the visibility of your customers who are around you by providing discounts and deals only for them.

Attractive and Simple

Platform created to appeal to your audience through actions, all without the need to install an application.

Target Audience

Complete audience targeting tool. 

Multiple Campaigns

Simultaneous campaigns in different places.
Campaigns with Hotsites and Landing Pages. 

Guaranteed Return

Total investment control per campaign.
Flexible payment plans. 


Complete ROI reporting and monitoring. 

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