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R3SS Cloud Display

Centrally manage in the cloud and easily monitor your entire network of monitors.

Simple and Fast Publishing of Content on Multiple Monitors!

Perform the best of campaigns for products launches, brand exposure and events within your space.
The R3SS Cloud Display solution lets you create, advertise and manage campaigns to better spread your business or events through attractive and easy-to-use screens.

Customization from Anywhere

Create, modify, and play your playlists wherever you are, anytime.

Support 24x7x365

Multilingual technical support, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Media Management

Upload your media (videos and photos) from anywhere, even from your mobile device, for convenience and agility.

Multiple Players

Play playlists on different players easily and with fast synchronization.

High Processing and Synchronization

Have your players always updated and synchronized with the servers in real time.

Easy Installation

Simple, quick and practical installation, without the need of a specialized technician.

Increase Your Sales

Easily and practically publish your products, your promotions and your brand.

Best Cost Benefit

Best cost benefit of the market with high efficiency and safety.

Event Signaling

Flag and show the location of your event through attractive and easy-to-understand displays.

Corporate TV

Advertise corporate videos, events, employee recognition, etc. at the reception, cafeteria and other common areas of your company.

Digital Board Menu

Publish promotional videos, images of dishes, menus and promotions in your restaurant, bar, cafeteria .

Campus and Colleges

Inform teachers and students of upcoming events and activities, meetings and ceremonies as well as display photos, news and educational films.

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