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R3SS Cloud WiFi

Robust management of WiFi networks integrated to various management systems, guaranteeing the reliability, security and quality of access according to the local Internet policies.

Developed for Any Environment

Hotels and Hospitals
Integrated solution with management systems with perfect coverage in all the areas of the enterprise.
Shopping Centers
Integrated with mall CRM systems and providing coverage and capacity for large circulation areas.
Universities and Schools
Integrated with education systems providing content filters and coverage in all the desired areas.
Restaurants and Coffee Bars
Integrated with education systems providing content filters and coverage in all the desired areas.

Specialized Team

Project engineering and software team specialized in WiFi networks.

Support 24x7x365

Multilingual technical support, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Easy to Use

Manage your network at any time via the web in an easy and intuitive way.

Custom Access Portal

Customization according to your brand and adapted to each device in compliance with local internet policies.

Integration with PMS / CRM

 Integration with various market management systems. 

Access Management

Identification of connected users, number of devices per access point.

Internet Links

Automatic balancing and monitoring of internet links with real-time traffic.

Automatic Authentication

Authentication for a certain time without opening a portal.

Multi Manufacturers

Platform integrated to several suppliers of WiFi equipment.

Full Reports

Comprehensive reports, graphs and statistics.

Event Management

Internet management for events, with bandwidth control and connected devices

Single WiFi Network

WiFi network unique in all environments.


Automatic detection of suspicious equipment.


Full real time notification system. 

Internet billing

Interface billing management and hotel billing (time, reservation, tariff, application ..).

Optional Modules

Web Check-in
Satisfaction survey
And much more...

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