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R3SS Tecnologia

"Any technology, regardless of its complexity, can be used in a simple and intuitive way. "

Our values


Vocation for entrepreneurship, willingness to take risks and commitment.


Independence of opinions, judgment and action, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Honesty and Ethics

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, sincerity.

Team spirit

Team spirit means friendship, loyalty, generosity, and a taste for teamwork.


Feeling good about being part of the R3SS, cultivating pride in what we do and constantly striving for quality and efficiency.

Our team

Crazy techies!

Roberto Vila Nova

Founder / CEO

Edgar Mayer

Sales Brazil

Marcelo Cardoso

Sales & BD Brazil

Francisco Beu

Sales México/USA

Cleriston Dias

Technical Support

Fernando Silva


Our Offices

Thinking globally, acting locally.

São José dos Campos

"Valley Capital"

São Paulo

"The Drizzle City"

Rio de Janeiro

"Wonderful City”

Porto Alegre

"Gauchos Capital"

México City

"Mi Casa, Tu Casa"


"Big Things Happen Here"