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R3SS People Counter

High-precision people counting flow, enabling market analysis such as conversion rates, queue management, applications development and security.

Get a Full Review of Your Business Performance!

The R3SS People Counter provides you with a complete analysis of your customers for your business. It shows the importance of knowing your demand and the constant growth of your business, in order to win the largest number of customers.


To accurately monitor and record the number of people present within your establishment.

Conversion rate

Overview of your conversion into sales, according to the amount of visitors your business receives.


List of people who go through their business daily, making it possible to calculate their attractiveness to the public.

Attraction Rate

Notice how attractive your product, service or service is. Have in hand, accurate data of attractiveness of your customers.


 Event planning.
Best result for the target audience.
Improvement of use of your space.


Optimization of the sales team.
Understand the demand and potential required by your business to better optimize your team and control your conversion rate. 

Continuous Improvement

Through the data and statistics collected by the system, administrators can make more efficient decisions.

Real Time Accuracy

Data being updated at all times, for control and statistics in real time.
Access from anywhere at any time.

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